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“The World's Most Efficient Lubricant.” Guinness Book of World Records (1996).

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Comments like these led us to start the Tufoil Quarter Million Mile Club:

"I have used TufOil as an auto additive for 30 years now and I have found nothing better. Over the course of several different vehicles with 150k+ miles, I have experienced zero oil loss thanks to TufOil.

What I am writing to thank you for is the un-advertised use for your product. I have been a competition shooter for as long as I’ve been using TufOil. Your standard engine additive is in my opinion the best lubricant for firearms that is in the market. It gives maximum results with low maintenance after a single application and occasional re-application.

I am and will always be, your loyal customer"

— Chuck D., North Carolina

October 29, 2008

"My 6 cyl 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee has just past the 273,000 mile mark. I have been using Tufoil in the engine along with Mobil one synthetic oil since I purchased the Jeep. I religiously change oil and filter every 10,000 miles. I have never had to add oil between oil changes.

I used Tufoil in my 1967 Ford Mustang before I purchased my Jeep. It got up to 200,000 miles before it was stolen.

My Jeep is still getting 19 mpg in city driving and 24 mpg on the highways. I even started using your light oil pen dispenser of Tufoil in my roller skate bearings.

Thank you for a wonderful product. I will let you know when my Jeep turns 300,000 miles."

— J.S, New Jersey

October 9, 2008

"I put Tufoil in my 1998 Durango. Highway mileage jumped from 16.6 to 18.5!!! I have owned this car for nearly ten years, and I NEVER got even close to this mileage. I now plan to use Tufoil in all my cars, as well as in my lawn tractor and generator.

Thank you for a great product."

— J.B, New York

"I started using Tufoil in 1989 in my 1987 Ford F-150 pickup, when it had 50,000 miles on it. It has the 300 six engine. The same vehicle now has 216,000 miles AND SHOWS NO SIGNS OF STOPPING!! It has the same original piston rings, and never failed an emmissions check.

I have used it in the manual transmission and rear axle and never lost a bearing, they are original! I started usuing it in my 2005 Ford Escape too! :)

For someone considering a first time Tufoil purchase: I have been using Tufoil for almost 20 years! Trust the maker, and my word as a user of Tufoil, it works."
— C.S., Connecticut

“…all the miles I have racked up on my 1984 Mercedes 300D that I purchased new in 1984. I have used Tufoil since the first year of ownership and I now have 432,000 miles on it. The motor has never been apart and it starts and runs as easily as it did when it was new!” — R.G., Ohio

“I have a 1983 Buick/Le Sabre Ltd. With 213,000 miles plus and still going strong!!! It still runs incredibly smooth and quiet…as good as any brand new engine. I attribute this extraordinary performance to Tufoil.” — R.G., New Jersey

“I must relate my experience to you with Tufoil which I have used in both the engine and transmission of my 1980 Saab 900 since it was new. The car has just reached the 260,000 mile mark.” —N.H. Maryland

“Used Tufoil in my 86 Ford Tempo Sport Sedan since the first oil change. Now has 207,000 miles, runs great – heads never off, doesn’t leak or burn oil. Used Tufoil since 1981 in all cars and never had an engine problem with any of them!” —J.P. Pennsylvania

“Thank you for Tufoil. My ’79 Buick just rolled over 252,000 miles on the original never rebuilt engine. I now use 12oz at each oil change as she is getting a little tired. Thanks Tufoil.” —J.B. Georgia

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